So I did sign up for a premium membership and I like the way they're guaranteeing you'll actually get your money's worth. At $60 a year, the premium membership awards you priority ad views in installments of 25 so you'll either receive at least 25 a week or none at all. If you receive none your membership will automatically be extended a week. With there being about 52 weeks in a year your membership ends up costing about $1.15 per week, so at ten cents per view you're guaranteed to more than double your investment throughout the life of your premium membership.

I'm still having a really hard time getting referrals--lots of clicks, only one actual sign up. At $5 a piece, referrals are not cheap, but AdFlasher insists that it's worth it considering you get a nickel per click. I think it would be more worth it if referral commissions went at least one level deeper or if they guaranteed active referrals but with the current arrangement...not so much. No matter how much you communicate with your team there is no guarantee that they will be active!

I still want to do a screencast of AdFlasher use, so look out for that! I was waiting to get some more Ad Views, so now I've got not excuse not to do it!

Additional, keep in mind as a means of effective online advertising.

And it's never too late to join AdFlasher!

Thanks for reading!

I enjoyed you being an option while it lasted. : (
I guess I'll be joining either Liberty Reserve or Alertpay soon after all.

I was gone yesterday and I see a lot has happened with AdFlasher! As a part of the previous updates I mentioned, pay per click is now $0.10 and pay per referral click is $0.05. Still pretty good if you ask me. And--as I was hoping they would--they've started a referral purchasing option. You can now buy referrals at $5.00 each and, yes--you can use AdFlahser funds to purchase them as well as the other payment methods--AlertPay, PayPal, Google Checkout, and Liberty Reserve. I went ahead and used half of my pending funds to buy referrals. It seems one can only withdraw funds with AlertPay now, though. It's pretty exciting seeing how quickly AdFlasher is evolving. I really want to put some attention and effort into being successful with AdFlasher, so what are everyone's thoughts on doing some sort of drawing for a giveaway?

Well there's been yet another update on AdFlasher. As it seems, they are no longer going to be selling View Packs. Rather, they are giving users the option to join as premium members at $60 a year (with a guaranteed return of $120) or use AdFlasher as free members. They are going to divide and distribute views each week with priority given to premium members. And that's that. They're implementing this change because the whole having to constantly check for View Pack availability thing apparently isn't working so well. They've also changed the pending funds thing to make earnings instantly available. I'm sure there are lots more changes AdFlasher is going to go through, so we'll see!

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I was trying to wait for the opportunity to buy more View Packs, but should I just request payment so I can get payment proof? We all know that's what we really want to see and I could always just buy more if and when they become available regardless. Either way, here's an update on my statistics. Not much has changed other than the fact that people keep clicking my referral link and not joining.

Account Balance
Ad View Earnings: $31.50
Referrer Earnings: $0.00
Credits: $0.75
Debits: $0.75
Pending Withdrawal: $0.00
Completed Withdrawal: $0.00
Balance: $31.50
Pending Funds: $31.50
Available Balance: $0.00
View Pack Statistics
Ad Views purchased: 105
Ad Views completed: 105
Ad Views remaining: 0
Est. Viewing Time: 0.0 Hours (0 minutes)
Earnings Remaining: $0.00
Referral Statistics
Consumer Referral URL:
Advertiser Referral URL:
Referrer Clicks: 16
Referrer Signups: 1
Signup Conversion Rate: 6.25%

I'm thinking of doing a Screencast of AdFlasher usage, by the way, so keep an eye out for that. My appreciation to all those reading!

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So apparently there were almost one hundred people cheating the AdFlasher system and all ninety-eight of those accounts have been suspended. AdFlasher is asking that anyone who sees people promoting use of AdFlasher in an inhonest fashion (with auto-surfers and the like) should report it immediately, and they assure users that their system can detect cheating rather easily.

I had a short period of time during which I was unable to login this morning--when I input my information the page just refreshed. About twenty minutes later I was able to login again. Still no View Packs available.

So I haven't been able to buy an Ad Pack because there are currently none available. I wonder if this is the case for everyone who is signing up or just for those who have already purchased one. AdFlasher also just launched the Free Ad Viewer....which allows you to view ads for...nothing. You gain nothing, of course, as well. I guess if you want to practice you ad viewing skills or are really, really bored it might be worth your time. Maybe.